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 Roxi & Liana/Winter Frost

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PostSubject: Roxi & Liana/Winter Frost   Tue Jan 25, 2011 7:33 pm

Liana arrived at Central Park. A couple minutes later, Roxi came down where Liana had been waiting. She ended up falling from a tree. "SERIOUSLY?" she asked. "I return & THIS is how I land in front of my twin?" she muttered. "Don't get your wings in a twist," said Liana. "I got us the luxury tent. Come see," she added. Roxi followed Liana inside. "YOU GOT ELECTRICITY?" her twin asked, her eyes gleaming. "What games are there for Wii, & how many remotes?" she asked. "Four remotes, & TONS of games. Being rich has it's benefits, & there's a closet & bedroom I made. It was a 10-room tent, I bought it, now it has everything we need," said Liana. "Kitchen, bathroom, which I made a hole in the ground for & added the door-flap, bedroom, all of it." "WOW! You think of everything, sis."
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Roxi & Liana/Winter Frost
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